The OptiPlex 755 offers energy-efficient performance, stability and choice in a mainstream business desktop.

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still. registered to previous owner . don't work.!?

Refurbish bought wall mart never worked

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tiogapa, it is important to know what you see when you first start up your computer. You did not make it clear if it is locked on the BIOS or the OS. If you have issues getting into a Windows OS, your best bet would be to reinstall the OS. If you can not get into your computer because of some BIOS issues, let use know exactly what you see.

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I had a problem with my optiplex gx620 when I got it. I booted up in windows xp and there’s a password for the account. So I called me friend and he didn’t know his password for it so I reinstalled the os with Ubuntu.


^ This is yout answer


Yes. You can install windows 7 also but I’ve never got around to doing it. I’m not sure if it can run Windows 10.


I installed windows 10 on a pc built for vista and it worked fine. to be honest, it was pretty fast.


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