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Unibody de aluminio de 13", procesador Core 2 Duo de 2.0 o 2.4 GHz.

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Model differences on display replacement MacBook Pro

In my macbook pro 13' mid102 A1278 the lvds is broken. I know the progress of changing the lvds cable is very difficult. That why I want to change whole body of screen included display cable.

My question is; Can I just get any displays which are from any other macbook pro 13' series or are there differences between them and is there a risk on that the monitors are not compatible due to model differences?

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MacBooks (and Pros) are notorious for having multiple part variations and it is not advised to purchase a replacement of this nature without confirming that it matches all of the following identification criteria:

Year (or portion thereof): Usually stated as Early/Mid/Late 20XX - as in your post, Mid 2012 (note that Retina models are different as well)

Processor: For example, 'Core i5 - 2.4GHz'

Apple order/part number: For example, ' MD101LL/A'

Hardware identifier: A1278 as you have stated.

Model identifier: Takes the form ModelName[number1],[number2], e.g. MacBookPro9,2. This can be found using the System Information utility (accessible from 'Applications > Utilities' or 'Apple Menu > About This Mac') in Mac OS X.

The best place to look for all the Apple identification parameters in a searchable database is If you have a couple, such as those you've already stated, it should be easy to find the rest.

Only when you are satisfied that all of these particulars in the replacement part description match your machine should you consider acquiring. That's not to say that some parts are not interchangeable amongst models, but generally multiple models will be accounted for in the part description, so use this in conjunction with your machine's details to be certain it's the right part.

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Hi there.

I have A1502 model.It is possible to replace it with model number A 1278.

Thank you for respond

- de

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Hi! For the a1278 in particular, there are 2 main model variations (one where the bottom panel of housing is one large piece that covers whole bottom side of MacBook, and newer one where it's 2 pieces, and the piece covering the battery can be removed without exposing the whole logic board). The newer A1278 has the display LVDS connector located slightly differently, and therefore there are two different LVDS cables commonly available online. I just did the replacement and can confirm that THE LVDS CABLES ARE INTERCHANGEABLE for the different a1278's (i bought wrong one but still worked)

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