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Repair and disassembly guides for hundreds of optical disc drives.

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remove optical drive from Toshiba L25 S1192

toshiba l25 s1192 optical drive removal procedure

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Try removing the covers for the ram and hard drive, then there will most likely be a score with a picture of a disk next to a screw. remove that screw and the disk drive should come out with a little force.

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None of the screws on the bottom of my Toshiba L25 S1192 Laptop released the DVD Optical drive. Seems the keyboard may need to be removed to access the screw holding the DVD Drive in.


Remove Two screws on the bottom of the case that are about under the E and O keys, remove plastic bezel above keyboard at hinges, pull keyboard aside, remove screw holding DVD in place (about under the , comma). The drive is in a metal sleeve so you have to push on the DVD to get it out, not the metal sleeve that is part of the Laptop.


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