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Charging port Isnt Function iPod 5

Hi i have a Red ipod 5th gen 32gb my charging port is not working meaning that my ipod is also dead i took it to the stotr but they said it has been burned??????????????

What part would i need to replace it???????????????????????

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reeromeo14, sounds like you are referring to the lightning port assembly. check this guide around step 22 as well as this video to see what you are up against. The part is available at places like this as well as many others.

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There seem to be a number of good Videos at your link oldturkey03. Many thanks for this and the other links too. (y)


Oh yeah! There's some serious de-soldering and soldering to be done!!

Looks very fiddly for someone with no experience at all?


Yes it does and yes it is. If unsure, send it to somebody that has done this kind of work before.


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