IPad mini won't turn ON

Hi everyone,

I bought one Ipad mini two days ago which was defect, the fact is the ipad won't turn on - I tought maybe i had to put it into DFU mode while connecting my device to itunes but this don't works


- I checked the LCD + screen connector on the mother board and they looks good

- I have checked the output voltage of the batteries and i had 0Vdc between, so i told to myself that maybe the problem is coming from the battery and i decided to order a new one.

After installing the new battery, i still have the same issue, nothing happens i tried to reset the Ipad by holding the home and power button for more then 20 sec and nothing

- I have checked the forum to see if a similar issue has been created into the forum and i have followed this Th screen stays black after a digitizer replacement. and i checked the resistor is OK for me so the issue is not coming from their.

The guys told me, one day he wake up and he found his ipad with that issue

Thanks to everyone who will try to help with that issue

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