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Water damage, shows apple logo then goes blank?

So I bought an iPhone 6 64gig off a friend who said he dropped it into the pool and it only stayed in the water for maybe a couple seconds at most. He put it in a bag of rice and dried it all out and then plugged it into the charger and only the apple logo would show, then the screen goes blank. You can see the backlight is still lit but the actual phone and software wont boot. I then took the phone apart and looked for any signs of corrosion but couldn't find any except for on a small screw below the battery, I used a dry tooth brush and rubbed most of it off and then re assembled the phone and yet it still does the same thing. I tried a hard reset and its only still showing the apple logo for maybe 5 seconds then just a blank screen with the backlight still on. Is this a battery issue? do I need to try to clean the entire inside of the phone with alcohol? is there anymore drying techniques I can try on it? The phone has been like this for about 3 weeks now and I'm worried the longer I take to fix it the worse things can get inside the phone please help me!!! TIA!!! Also all of the water stickers are still solid white on each of the 4 stickers I saw, even the one on the logic board and in the charging port. The phone is less than a year old and I'm also wondering if maybe since the stickers are still white that I might be able to get it covered under the warranty?

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Quite often water damage will ruin the battery and you will need to replace it. You could try that if you haven't already. You mention you spotted corrosion near the battery connector.

Unfortunately though with water damage it is hard to know exactly where the problem would be. To find out is very time consuming and involves taking off all the shields looking and testing the components on the board.

Even after doing all this sometimes it is impossible to get it working 100% again.

Not 100% sure how Apple warranty works but you could give it a try if there is no evidence of water damage.

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I have the same problem here my mother dropped her iphone 6 in the water, it shows the apple logo and all but it won't start. When hard reset couple off time, i managed to get the itunes logo on screen with the cable. Now i am trying to connect it whit my pc and from there fix the phone. From this point on, i have no luck. But itumes see's the iphone 6, and tries to fix it whit the fix mode or update mode. From this point forwards no luck.

Ps: sorry for my English i am from The Netherlands. Also sometimes the screen turns red?

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Hi Brian the same thing happen to me so , first you would have to put it into recovery mode. You have to connect the apple cable to a computer and open itunes. hold the power button and home button for about 10 -15 seconds and do not let go when you see the apple logo. stop holding the buttons when the itunes symbol and charging wire symbol appears. then go on to itunes and click on your phone. there click on update which will help it boot up. if it doesn't work press the restore button which will work most of the times but deletes all your data but works perfectly.

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