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Sony VAIO PCG-91111M laptop.

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some keys of my leptop dont work.Is that repairable.or has to change

i couldent find the keyboard for my sony vaio pcg-91111m in india anywhere..if it is repairable then guide me what should i do for that.

or any shop with ur knowladge from where i can buy that part.

or suggest me whether any keyboard of other sony leptop can be the alternate option . or suggest any duplicate model and brand to replace it.

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Replacement keyboards for most laptops are available from eBay seller and are quite easy to fit, but if you can't get one in India or can't get one with the right localisation, then fixing unreliable keys is harder. If there's a key which never works at all and you can't possibly make worse, you could try prising off the key cap to see if you can disassemble and clean the mechanism. Replacing the key cap may be a little tricky but it should just snap on when you've got all the bits aligned correctly.

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when I asked to a mechanic about that ,he just replied that I have to replace the whole new keyboard ,yet I have only the problem with some keys not working. so I want to ask you that is he right or not.

I tried all but as a result I left with a leptop that I can't use outdoor with the external keyboard.

please help me .thanks again for reply.

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Yes, in normal circumstances you would always replace the whole keyboard as they're not expensive and the chances of fixing individual keys are not great. But if you really can't get hold of a complete keyboard you only have 2 choices: live with it, of try to fix the bad keys. You'll need skill and patience but you may get lucky.

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