The Samsung GT-C3300K features a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player and built in radio.

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My phone is always 'connecting with pc 'status,please help me fix it

I used my Samsung champ during a storm, then afterwards, my phone is not functioning well anymore, it always says that 'connecting with PC' and I can't use it well. I tried to restart it several times but still, it always happen.please help me guys :(

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Sounds to me like some rain water got in there, and is at the very least shorting out a pin in the connector which leads the phone to believe it is being connected to a computer. It needs opening up asap as corrosion will be setting in causing further damage. The board will need at the very least a full clean with isopropyl alcohol

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so I have to open my phone? and which board?


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