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Possible uses for retired iPhone 3G 8GB

I know very little about iPhones. I have a customer who has upgraded to a iPhone 6 but still has a G3, sans, SIM card. She would like to know it it could be used by her grandson as an iPod or an emergency phone. She is with AT&T. Are there any links on setting it up without a card? Would AT&T activate it under her current iPhone 6 contract? Are there other uses for it?

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Her grandson (considering he is deserving of it!) :D could use it as an Ipod, you can buy very cheap portable speakers now that can perform very well as your own jukebox and also he can just plug in a pair of headphones if he wants to take it somewhere with him.

There is no setup of the phone without a sim card you just leave it out and the phone will start normally, just navigate to the music player, plug it into your speaker and away you go.

There would also be access to youtube and a whole host of interesting projects and things he can do, like this website :)

It can also be used as an emergency phone but without a sim it will only call 999/112/911 depending on your country. Also it will never be charged when you actually need it :(

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Will it connect over a Wi_Fi network without a SIM card?


Yes, the wifi is independent of the mobile network, you should have no issues.


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I think AT&T could activate it as a second phone line and give her a SIM card for it. They charge per line or per number and both phones can't share the same number. I imagine she could use it as an iPod, but honestly, the experience would be bad since it can't be upgraded to the latest iOS.

She can activate it as a second line for another $20 or $30 a month and just restrict the permissions so it can be used as an emergency line. They won't make you sign a contract if you're just adding another line without buying a new phone. I believe it's the new phone subsidies that require contracts. I also thought that maybe you could buy some prepaid phone cards, but those expire every month, so there's no difference really.

Looks like her only choices are to have a really old iPod (wifi only) with no way to install current-gen apps, or to have an emergency phone that she'll have to pay monthly for.

Or, she could just forget it and sell it on a site like Swappa and get ~$40 bucks for it.

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