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Launched in spring of 2014, the OnePlus One packs a 5.5" display and runs the Android-based CyanogenMod 12S operating system. Model "ONE A0001."

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Water damage: volume button stuck and "No Signal" error.

My Oneplus One phone fell into water and after drying up for days I booted it up and noticed that it could see my sim card and I could access sim contacts but I was getting a "No Signal" error. I tried rebooting it and now its stuck in recovery screen as the volume down button is stuck.

I love this phone, what can I do to make everything right again?

Update (09/10/2015)

I still have some data on the phone I would like to retrieve but the phone simply wont turn on now. Any tips, tricks on how to do this? Is it possible to somehow retrieve the eMMC storage module and read off the data?

Please help !!!

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The sim is recognized by other phones. I guess something fried up in the phone. I managed to boot into it so I am making a backup of user data and hopefully moving to oneplus two

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Good, at least you can get to your data. Getting a new phone is the best course of action, many phones, unless seen to quickly will fail in some way or just be buggy the whole time afterwards. Sorry I could not be of more help but I wish your new phone many a dry day. :)

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Continuously press the unstuck volume button with the phone powered off, it may help it click back out again.

As for the no signal error be prepared for the phone to be damaged, electronics do not like water. But it could also be that your sim is faulty, but that is only if you are lucky.

You may need to open the phone and clean the board down with some cleaning alcohol, the water may have dried around the pins that the antenna connect to on the main board which controls the signal. It is worth a try, can't get any worse right? :D

Anyway for future use if you drop your phone in water, strip it down to the main board and get to rubbing with the alcohol, the water will attach to it and evaporate quicker, leave it to dry at room temp for at least 24hrs then reassemble making sure the rest of the casing is clean and dry.

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I have been thinking, would upgrading the Oneplus one modem somehow get the phone having signal again? or is this just a hardware issue?

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When you say alcohol, do you mean Methylated spirit? Would it be too late to do that now? The phone is working perfectly now apart from the "No signal" issue

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I mean isopropyl. You can buy it in liquid form which I find better than a spray. It may be too late but it is always worth a try, like I said, it could be just dried water around where the antenna connects to the main board.

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Ok. I have finally given up on the phone and getting another one. While charging it, it suddenly went off and has refused to come up since then. So sad

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