A 12.2-inch "prosumer" tablet released in February 2014. Powered by a custom version of Android 4.4 KitKat.

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My Tablet will not charge.

My Tablet at first was doing slow charge and 1/3 of the screen was gray, then it would take a long time to charge like a full day just to charge 2/3. Then it just stop charging, now its dead and it will not charge.

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Assuming no water or drop damage:

If you plug it to the charger and you see response from the tablet such a charging light most likely you have a battery issue and it needs to be replaced. If no charging light is present try another cord and if that doesn't work a new charging port.

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Mine quit charging also. I found the cable clip had broken into several pieces. Do they make replacement clips without buying a mother board?


Check this quick search. Verify by model!



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hi, my note pro basically did the same thing but I am a persistent type and I did get it to charge but it took it to be plugged in for a couple of days then I booted it up and noticed that the wifi and Bluetooth would not work also noticed that the battery was draining severely fast I kept messing with it in short at 100% battery and unit turned off laying on my counter over night the battery would drain 70% so when booted the next day it was at 30% I replaced the battery but that was not it, it was however the mainboard. unfortunately I have not been able to find one that the seller isn't trying to rip your head off, I did find a tab pro 12.2 with a cracked screen bought it these 2 tablets the tab pro 12.2 t900 and the note pro 12.2 p900 with the exception of the stylist...are the same and parts are interchangeable fyi my tablet was in perfect shape never dropped always in an otterbox case so very protected and taken care of and this happened fully charged and turned off for the next Sunday I picked it up and it would not turn on all the previously mentioned ensued, the mainboard just failed with no just cause. hope this helps

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