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4" smartphone manufactured by BLU Products, featuring a dual-core processor, 512 of RAM, and Android 4.0

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Why is my phone screen stuck on "BLU"?

How do I fix my phone screen when its stuck on "BLU"?

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The phone stuck on blu logo

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Mine was too, until I took off the plastic cover on the screen

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I have the same issue is there a way to get my files before doin factory reset

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try factory reset

Turn off your cell phone.

press and hold Volume Down + Menu button + Power button.

If you see menu of Recovery mode, then release your fingers from the phone.

now select "wipe data/factory reset" using Volume buttons to navigate, and Power button to choose.

Afterwards accept operation "Yes -- delete all user data".

select "reboot system now".


Remember you will lose all your files and data

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That didn't work my phone still looping

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then you have to re flash the phone with stock firmware....

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when i do that i don't see factory reset or wipe data

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tell me what you see ... or a screen shot will be much helpful

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I had to call and get mine replaced

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It happen to me when my phone was stuck on the blu logo I flashed it and it was back to normal for a few day .It started happening again it stuck in the Blu logo and won't come on I guess flashing it hasent helped what else can I do ?

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My phone is too, stuck on the Blu logo and I really upset, because I wish to use that phone but I can't boot it

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