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El Sony Xperia Z3 es un smartphone lanzado en 2014, conocido por su larga duración de bateria y su durabilidad.

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Low or no service after screen repair

So I got one of those phone repair shops that are everywhere to replace the screen on my phone after a drop. So the first time I was in everything looked good but later the screen started coming off at the corner and I went from full service to no service as his happened. Second time I got it back it was the rear cover pealing and when I tried pressing it closed thats when the service dropped out. It looks like from the videos and tear downs the antenna would be right there just not sure why pressing on it would cause it to drop off.

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These are difficult phones to work on so I can see how this could happen. Sony phones require a special sealing procedure to prevent the screen and back cover from separating. I would recommend looking for a shop that specializes in Sony repairs or bring it back to the shop you had it repaired at. You may still have warranty through them. Ifixit has a large list of reputable shops also. As far as the cellular connectivity issue goes, there are many small contacts and antennas inside the xperia's that can be interrupted . I would recommend having a professional check all these connections and replace the main antenna board while he/she has the phone opened up.

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