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Screen is black, but the phone is on.


So my iPhone 6 suddenly turned black, the phone is on, i can hear the sounds when i for example enter my PIN, and i can feel the vibrate when i use the vibrate button.

I can also see the screen, if i really focus and have a flashlight that hits perfectly. Then i can for example see a little bit of the phones home screen etc, so i have managed to set the phone back to factory settings, still nothing has changed.

I have also changed screen, lcd, light sensor etc. The restult is still the same.

Is there any other part that i can change, that can be the reason why the screen is black.

The phone is also a little bent if that may has something to do with it.

The phone works fine besides that you cant see anything unless you focus alot.

I can also mention that the screen has been replaced a month ago, but it has worked fine untill this last week.

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I was wondering did you ever find out how to fix it? I'm actually having the exact same problem right now the only difference is that I did not have my screen replaced. The way I purchased my phone is exactly the same way it is now.


That is the same situation for me.


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Reseat the screen connectors while the battery is unplugged. If that doesn't help try another screen.

Still no good? Backlight filter is blown, get a micro solder / board level technician to repair it. If I remember correctly Jessa at iPad Rehab is one of the best on replacing the backlight filter / getting backlight to work again.

I'm guessing the earpiece right screw got loose and fell out and shorted the backlight circuit. If you want you can open it up and verify it for me as seen in the image on the orange circle is where the screw is:

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We can do this even if the phone is bent, risking not being able to put the screen back on, due to that?


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My advice is put the original LCD back on (even if cracked)

Make sure no screws are even slightly stripped and take it back to Apple for a brand new one (because it's bent)

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