Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Ripped iPhone 6 Plus home button flex cable during screen repair, solder?

Hey guys,

Tonight I was unsticking the flex cable on the home button during a repair and my tool slipped and sliced the home button flex:

Block Image

Does anyone have any experience with this type of catastrophe? I know the home button can not simply be swapped out as this will sacrifice functionality, and complete usability of the phone should an update ever be performed.

I read elsewhere that micro level soldering could be performed, but given the width of the flex cable I'm just not certain it's even worth attempting.

Please someone end my suffering.

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i have the same issue, please help!


Did you manage to solder it? I have absolutely the same problem and I can't find a solution? The only solution that will not lead to Error 53 is either to solder the flex cable or to buy new original home button and motherboard as in iphone 6 the home button and the motherboard are married.


You can't solder a flex cable like that.


He can't solder the flex cable like that.. but he can solder the ic chip that is on the home button, where it connects to cable that goes to the motherboard. Would have to be very good at soldering. Thoughts, and let's assume iPhone 7 and 7+ as well..


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Unfortunately there is no soldering to be done here. There is nothing you can do except replace the home button and never, ever EVER, try and reset your phone. If you do a reset you will get an error and iTunes will always kick back error 53.

Soldering can be used to fix the FPC that is attached to the board not to fix the flex cable itself.

Unfortunately there is no way (believe me I have searched) that legitimately get's around this issue. The only other recourse is the out of warranty exchange at apple. If your lucky and under your 1 year manufactures replacement you can convince them it is a factory defect and hope they don't check anything and get it replaced for free.

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Error 53 is a error of the past, to anyone out there with ripped flex cable on home button just replace the button but you will have no touchID functionality.

You can get the cable repaired but only by a few people in china or people who manually re-wire the cable.

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