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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Bought a new LCD- still no image.

So, the classic iPod Touch in the cat's water bowl's a corker!

I bought a new screen (color display) for this 8GB 1st gen. and installed it, but there is still no light. I can see what's on the display if used under a very bright light, but both old and new screens have no backlight. What other part might I need?

I was really excited to see it spring back to (full) life with the new screen, but was sorely disappointed. Still plays music-it's all there except a light.


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Was only the lcd replaced or the digitizer as well? (usually they do come together.

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If I read correctly, your touch fell into water / got immersed?

This could have done damage to other things than just the LCD.

maybe the problem is somewhere else (specially as both your LCD's act the same)

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I would think this- except when you read the rest of his post, you see it's fine except the screen isn't bright. Might be worth looking at the logic board though.

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Thanks for the response. It was this part:

[producto vinculado inexistente o deshabilitado: IF132-000-1]

..not the top cover/digitizer. Some of these terms seem interchangeable, hence the link to clarify.


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Everything else works, which is why I am confused. Where else might I look? I'm not going to replace the logic board because they cost more than it's worth. The only none functioning part is the light, and I thought that was inherent to the LCD, hence I bought a new one.

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In other post I read that there is a inverter section on the main logic board that drives the back light on the LCD. If the inverter is bad replacing the LCD will not fix the backlight problem.

That said it still could be a bad ground or dirty contact causing the issue.

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There are utube video's on how to replace this part on the logic board of an iphone, I have not tried this nor can I find this for my 2nd ge. touch or 5th gen. classic

a good first step:

how to replace the actual defective coil that controls back light:

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