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MBP LCD screen suddenly not working after power issue

A couple of days ago, I had my 2012 MBP (MD101LL/A) closed and in sleep mode - when I opened it, nothing happened. There was no power (battery indicator didn't light up) and wouldn't do anything even with a power cord attached. I opened it up and disconnected/reconnected the battery and then the MBP would turn on, but the LCD wouldn't show anything at all. (When I had it open, I had disconnected/reconnected the LCD data cable as well. When I did that, I pulled UP which I realized I shouldn't do, then pulled ALONG the logic board) Thinking I reconnected the LCD cable incorrectly, I went back in and reconnected it, but it didn't help. I then reset the PRAM and SMC thinking that would help, but same black screen. A connected thunderbolt display works perfectly fine.

Any ideas as to what can be the cause? I don't know if I should be looking at replacing the whole LCD or just the data cable or if it could be something bigger and more expensive. My guess is that when I pulled UP on the cable, it did something, but I wanted to check with you guys before I did anything.

Can I bring this to an Apple store to have it looked at? I had bought it off ebay where the seller had installed an SSD and some RAM, then I replaced the DVD drive with a HDD. Not sure if they would diagnosis it if that work had been done.

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All the Apple store will do is tell you to go &&^& yourself and to pay $750 for a flat rate repair that costs more than your computer. Get out a multimeter, set it to read DC voltage, have black probe on ground, and red probe on these pins, and tell me the voltage

Pins 2/3(voltage will be the same on either)

Pin 4

Pins 21/22.

Pin 1 starts closer to the ports, pin 30 starts closer to the clutch cover on the LCD assembly.

Let's see if your issue is no LCD recognition, no LCD turning on, or no backlight. Buying replacement items without knowing the problem is a waste of money.

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ok, so I finally tried doing this, although I might have been doing it wrong. Got a multimeter, set it to DC and put the black probe on a screw and red on the really tiny pin 1. It created a small spark so I stopped. I should have the laptop on, right? And the pins I'm measuring are on the socket of the logic board where the LVDS is connected, right? Not sure how to proceed....


oh, I should also say that when the spark happened, the screen turned white...I shut down the computer and then turned it back on. Back to black screen


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