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El Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), o simplemente Super Nintendo, es una consola de juegos de 16 bits lanzada por Nintendo en 1990. Super Nintendo fue uno de los más vendidos de su tiempo y todavía tiene una gran base de fans en la actualidad.

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How do I fix non-working reset button?

Reset button is still able to move when press down but it will not reset the game. I tested the console to see which buttons work. That is when I found out the reset button doesn't work when pushed.

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What I normally do is take the system apart and see if there is damage to the spring that moves the button. If so youll have to replace it with another spring. If not there is a white mechanism that pushes down on to the black reset button inside the console. Its on the top side of the inner shell near the reset switch spring. This may be your most likely problem. Ive seen it on segas as well as snes several times. Over time it seems to wear down and no longer make connection. Plug in the console with a game in and the top shell off. Turn on the console, black switch on left. Push the black button on the right to make sure the problem is not the reset switch itself. If so it will have to be replaced. In that case youd have to probably buy another snes anyway. You might be able to find a part online. Never had to that yet so hopefully thats not the problem. If it does reset then the issues the white button not making contact. Get a q tip and rip most of the cotton off. The white button has a hole. The q tip will fit in snuggly. Cut the q tip down until it isnt causing a black screen from constant resetting. Youll have to replace the shell a few times and test it. When you get it to the right length it will complete the connection and the console will reset when you push the purple reset button. Some people tape folded paper to the black button but i feel like it may come loose at some point and believe this is a better alternative.

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I took it apart and applied some WD40 to the reset button. Has worked perfectly since!!

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I'll let you know how it goes for me! Many thanks for your advice!

- de

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