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Acer Aspire One A0751h laptop.

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Wont turn on, no lights on keyboard

My husband found this laptop and it is in great condition. BUT it will not turn on and I have no lights or anything when its plugged in. I know there should be some sort of AC Power light when its plugged in but I've got nothing. I am using a Toshiba charger If its as simple as "hey, you need the proper charger", an sweet I will get one, but this charger is the right Volt and its ac power and it fits.. Just trying to see if anyone has an idea. I did do the memory stick pull to reset with no success. Thanks in advance!

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oho. sound like your board has gone to heaven. however, i can be as simple a power port change. if there is another computer around with the same batter try if not take it and get it tested. there might still be hope

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