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The Acer Iconia One 7 is a tablet released on April 2014. The Iconia One 7 is a compact package full of media fun. With a bigger-than-phablet display that is both clear and colorful, you get speedy response and hours of battery life to keep things going. We’ve also included our Kids Center platform with lots of cool kid’s stuff that parents can control.

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My unit is warped

I've only had my tablet since Januray 2015. I have not dropped it or wet it or anything.

It started not charging 1 month ago and now it's starting to warp. You can see the inside of it from one side. It will only work on the charger and it dies immediatley after I take it off the charger. What to do?

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Sounds like an expanding battery. Which would need to be replaced.

Does it feel like the back of the device is bulging out?

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Yes it does

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Is it too late to fix it

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No, it is not too late. And it should be very simple to fix. Just search ebay/amazon for a battery with the model number of the tablet. It shouldn't be very difficult to replace. Battery should be around $20

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