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Question about U7 Agatha PMU

Hello ifixit,

I have an iPhone 5c that is getting incredibly hot on the U7 chip as soon as the battery is hooked up. About 5 seconds and it's too hot to touch. I know I can't reflow this chip due to the glue underneath of it. My question is, is this chip specific to the phone like the baseband chip? I want to find out whether I would be better off re-balling or just replacing this chip. Or is there a better solution?

Thanks in advance

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I'm not looking at the schematic right now, but if it is the one I am thinking about (95% sure) then no it is not specific to the phone.

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Sweet, then I'll just order some new ones

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yes you can clean that glue on low temp around it .

Update (10/20/2016)

and one thing more use the good quality flux and gave a hight temp for replace the chip

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