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GPS not detected on my phone even after I went outside. Why?

GPS does not detect my location. this is happen after I updated into the current version of software. I can't use waze application and google maps. please help.

Lenovo Phone A6000 PLUS

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Hello Dear ,

I have Lenovo S8 A7600 , I have NO GPS too !

the phone just Doesn't support GPS here in Israel . I have tried everything from these apps pretend to fix gps !

Nothing !

I can locate my self in any app that requires GPS except WAZE ! wierd i think .(on waze I go out ..and nothing happens =approximate location ) .

I tried flashing another Rom ,And It didn't help .

I found that only the navigation doesn't work . bus and taxi times apps Can locate me !

I have no idea why ,it happened to me a lot i got to go to a friend from another place , And I got stuck with this freak phone . Now I am selling it .

lenovo can go find her customers . cheap company

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ive face the same problem. but now, its fixed!.. check your phone casing. if its made of metal, it can intetfere with gps signal. try to take it out.

i used metal casing. when i took it out, amazingly.. i can use waze without problem!

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