The Nabi Jr is a 5 inch learning tablet designed for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children.

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Nonresponsive Water Damaged Nabi Jr.

How do I begin to figure out what to repair? It was dropped in the bath tub and won't turn on. How do I start? What do I look for?

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If your willing to tear it apart you can start buy completely drying it out then bathing the logic board in isopropal alcohol and cleaning all the contact points were any connectors snap together. bry off the battery and clean the connectors. re assemble and hope for the best. these units were built to be dropped but not so much in water

Hope this helps and good luck

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As an addition to that, use IP alcohol (found at a local pharmacy or grocery store) above 91% purity, and a soft-bristled brush to clean the connectors of any corrosion. It is likely and advised to replace the battery to prevent future damage to the device.


I'm going to try this. I'll keep u posted. Thanks for the helpful advice!


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