Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by ZTE.

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Why don't my phone come on or charge

zte n9130 won't charge or power in

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actaviusb, you are not giving us a whole lot of information here. I suggest that you start by checking your charger and the charging cable. Make sure those are in good working condition. If they are then you might want to consider changing your phones battery. and check the charging port. Make sure that there are no broken, bend or corroded pins. If those are okay, you will have to disassemble you r phone and take a look at the logic board for any charred, missing or otherwise damaged components.

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U can't take the battery out of this phone just saying. I've seen so many comments saying you can and people must not know what they are talking about when they answer, if so they'd really know that before coming up with a long ass answer to "fix it"


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Remove your battery and wait for about 20 seconds. Then put your battery back,if its still the same problem try a new charger or check charging port

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