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Error I can not fix in my wii console

I bought a wii console, it is not able to connect to the internet, it is not able to find any access point. The console is wii white, old version, it was able to read some cheep game discs I bought from stores, I tried to burn wii and gamecube games on dvd discs, the wii failed to read them, I used the usb loader and the back up loader and neogamma, all of them failed. I read a subject to update it without using the internet, it was updated to wii 4.3u, I thought it is the better region, but failed to read discs, even the discs that the wii was able to read them became unable to being read.

I don't know what to do!

My console made crazy!

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Have you ever tried letterbomb hack to mod the wii and to read games off the external hard drive. I used to do this a lot back in the day the modding stuff and pretty easy on the wii there's also videos on YouTube to help you do this.

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When I was updating the wii the letter bomb didn't appear; because I used another way to update.

I tried using the letter bomb after updating but it didn't appear.

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It's tricky when I first started doing it I thoght the same thing but the package for letterbomb is in yesterday mail. Might take a couple back and fourths for it to show up.. But it works great. There's a Couple YouTube videos that show you what to do without messing it up and thinking it's not working. Do some YouTube searches on wii mods and it will have all the videos to get you going.

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While I don’t have a fix for discs not being read, the solution for the internet is to use a USB to Ethernet adapter and Ethernet Cable to connect your wii to a router.

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