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What does a suddenly louder AC fan (right?) mean?

It started last night: The AC is really, really loud when turned on. This happened last night. Smacking the side of the unit makes the sound normal for a few minutes.

Model: Kenmore 580.75050801

Approximate age 1-2 yrs

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a louder fan is sometimes a sign for a loose or broken part around the electric motor

parts 8-C and 9-C would be my first guess - but there are other possible parts that could "transport" the vibration

click here for the breakdown

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1) check the motor bearings. Do this buy spinning the fan blades with the DISCONNECT OFF. Is it making a noise? Does it feel like metal on metal?

You can also see if shaft seems to wobble while spinning.

If bearings are bad replace motor.

2) most likely that loud sound is your compressor. Refrigerant migrates into the oil while the system is off. When your crank case heater goes out it may sound rough for a minute while the oil heats up and the refrigerant is boiled off the crank case oil. Check this and get back to me.

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By* not buy. %#*@ autocorrect


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