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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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How do I rekey a new disc drive for Xbox 360?

how can I flash a new disc drive to my 360? I have heard of jungle flasher, and I think I might try that, but all my research is saying that you need to flash the drive if they are different (Samsung, benq, etc). I think they're actually the same. Do I still need to flash it? Also, I'm not sure which sata cable to use, so if someone could link me to a good one on Amazon, I would appreciate it.

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Zack s, one method is the JTAG hack ( check here ) you would only need to follow this tutorial up to the point where you dump your NAND then you can use another program to read the DVD key from the NAND. However know that the JTAG method only works for Xbox consoles running kernel version 7371 or lower. (You can check what kernel your Xbox is running under the system info.)

If your kernel is above 7371 though you'll need to do the Reset Glitch Hack or (RGH for short, check here ). It's going to follow a similar style to the JTAG hack though you'll have to solder connections to various points boot Xellous and dump the NAND.

Those, unfortunately, are the only two ways to dump a DVD key from a motherboard, so if you don't feel like going through the effort of the methods posted above, your Xbox will not boot anything besides DVD movies.

You can indeed use any model of DVD drive found in the Xbox 360's as long as the DVD key on the drive matches the DVD key on the motherboard; if the keys don't match, your console won't boot games. However, if you intend to use this console on Xbox Live, you must replace the drive with the same model drive that was originally in the Xbox — if you don't, you will be console-banned from Xbox Live. (Meaning that console will no longer be allowed on Live.)

If you wish to access Xbox Live, your best bet of keeping your console from getting banned is to use the model of DVD drive that originally came with that console.

Here is the list of Xbox 360 motherboards. Generally the motherboard DVD drive pair goes something like this.

Xenon — Hitachi, Toshiba, or Philips model drive

Zephyr — Hitachi or Toshiba model drive

Falcon — Benq or Liton model drive

Every revision post-Falcon contains some variation of a Lite-on Drive for security and performance reasons. from here. If it is the same model drive, exchange the controller board.

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Sweet. I think both of my drives are the same. I'm not home to look, but when I looked yesterday, I believe they were the same models. Because of this, I would be able to just pop in the drive from the other console, and it would be able to play games and connect to xbl?

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So I am going to rgh my Xbox 360 phat to get the dvd drive key from the motherboard bc I don't have the original disc drive to it and when i get the dvd drive key how do i rekey it to a new dvd drive bc i had a dg-16D2S and lost it so I bought a different one it's the dvd rom drive but is there a way to rekey the dvd drive key to the new disc drive.

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Try using punctuation Kenneth, I have a stroke reading your question

- de

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