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How can I use the home button if my Touch is disassembled?

Just curious if anyone knows off-hand. How can I trigger the home button in a disassembled state? Does the digitizer ribbon need to be connected or is this button just shorting the gold spring connected to the ground on the board (left of Foxconn external sync connector etc) and that springy gold connector bit just right of the LCD ribbon connector? Would shorting between those points work or is there some magic in that button? Just curious if anyone knows off hand. I'm assuming the simple short works, but haven't been able to get DFU mode out of this in a disassembled state and wondering if it's the flaky power (that I've tried fixing with conductive graphite powder) still acting up or that the home button isn't triggering properly at this point. Each disassembly / reassembly risks damaging something (I'm looking at you, display gaskets!) so I'd prefer to have things worked out beforehand in case you're wondering why I don't just try it. Cheers for any tips!

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Shorting the gold spring on the logic board to the gold pad behind the home button is the only connection required, I believe!

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yes, having a separate home button to touch the gold spring underneath it's location will do the trick. It's clicking mechanism is only in the button itself and not required to make contact to the spring if you have one loose from the front panel digitizer.

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