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My ps4 turns on but no video or sound

I recently had a bad storm .All my stuff was off but still plugged up. The next day i find out it knocked out the video output on my tv the ps4 was connected to. I Then found out ( by hooking ps4 to another tv that works) that my ps4 no longer sends out any video signal nor sound. It will power on , solid white light stays on , but no video signal. I have tried a new hdmi cable, no luck. Tried booting ps4 in safe mode numerous times, no luck. Im now at a point i dont know what to do here. Any help?

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There's a good chance that you either have a bad HDMI port or HDMI processing chip. There are a lot of other things that it could be (with lightning you never know!) but those are the 2 things that I would suspect first.

Unfortunately there is no good way to test these two things. You can look into the HDMI port with a flashlight to make sure there are no bent pins, but after that you'd have to take the console apart and have a look inside...even if you do that though you may not be able to tell if the HDMI chip is bad or not...it may just need to be replaced to see if it fixes it.

I hope this helps.

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You will need to get the HDMI port replaced.

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