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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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Fix or replace HE3 dryer with F70 error

We recently moved. After moving our dryer started producing the F70 error. I've opened up the top panel and bottom front panel to check all connections to ensure they are properly seated. The dryer worked fine after that for a day or 2 and then went back to the F70 error. Once again reseated the connections and it worked for another day or so. It seems like the control board is working but the connections aren't. I don't want to replace the control board if it is the lower board that needs the fix or even a cable. Also don't want to pay a repair man if he is going to just replace the main board and it might not be the correct fix. Then I'd be out $300 and still not have a working dryer. Should I order a control board and replace it, call a repair tech, or buy a new dryer?

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Alden, F70 means check harness connections at the machine control and at the console electronics. If your connections are fine to the machine control board and the console electronics, then you may need to change the machine control board. It is below the top panel on the left hand side of the dryer panel. I would check the wires going into the connector, making sure they are properly crimped, then tak e a close look on the inside of the connector to make sure there are no bad prongs etc. Also check the connector on the board for poor fillting or loose prongs on that. Unplug your dryer first and leave it unplugged for a while to see if it resets

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