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Microphone not working, except on speaker

So a few days ago the microphone on my phone stopped working. When I record videos or talk on speaker phone it picks up but when I'm not on speaker phone nothing I say can be heard on the other side.

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Hi Clay,

There are many mics in your iPhone. The top ones seem to be functioning since you can record video or talk on the speaker.

There is a microphone on the bottom of the phone that could be malfunctioning or simply clogged; that's the one used for placing normal calls.

Look between the charging port and headphones jack port. You'll see a meshed round circle. Try to clean it if it seems clogged.

Otherwise, you need to rule out 2 (simple) potential issues:

- Software: if this issue suddenly started after you updated to iOS 8.4, you can try to back-up your data to iTunes or iCloud, restore your iPhone using iTunes, then restore data and test.

- Hardware step 1: the bottom mic may need replacement. Here's the link to iFixit's step-by-step guide to replacing the lightning connector which also contains the bottom mic. The guide also has links to the needed parts and tools. Once this repair is done, test the phone. If it does not solve your issue, we then need to look at other steps / other possible hardware issues.

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Seems like WiFi Signal Antenna With Flex Cable is malfunctioning. You can simply replace it with a new one from here.

May be you can look into the WiFi antenna if it has been detached from the connection. Upon such, you do not have to purchase the replacement.

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Puru, I'm assuming your posted the answer to the wrong question, because this is completely irrelevant.


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