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Phone isn't turning on

I know It'd be better a solution to go to an iPhone repair shop with that.

Before I go I'd like to ask and hear if anyone having the same issue as I do.

My iPhone is not turning on now.

When I wake up in the morning I figured out my phone's off. It happens sometime as the existing Battery having some troubles before.

It wouldn't charge till 100%.

Usually it stops charging on 70-80% on average.

And turns off sometime while it had about 30-40% charge.

So I thought that was the issue.

When I tried to turn in on the screen didn't came up, I was just hearing the sound of the empty charging bip (you know what I mean, that warning sound while your'e phone having 10-20% charge).

Then I connected it to the wall charger.

The display is still blank.

Now I'm hearing the sound of charger connecting continuously/repeatedly.

It was just annoying.

So I turned the phone off.

And till then It's not taking charge neither turn on.

I have changed the battery then (as my friend got a spare battery).

Nothing happening.

Any idea would be appreciated.

Thank You in Advance.

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When I changed my iPhone 4 screen I had to disconnect the battery. On reassembly I put the battery grounding clip in wrong ( a small black L shaped piece) and the iPhone did exactly as you described : black screen repeated charging noise. I may be that the battery is not connected properly. This may be different for iPhone 5, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Michael.

This helps. :)

I'll check it then.

- de

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Try to hard reset. How? Press power and home button at the same time for 7 seconds. Once you see the apple logo, let both go. This should resolve if it's a congestion. If you still here the sound you mentioned, the digitizer died. Needs screen replacement. You can do it on your own if you buy all-in-one screen that ships out with the required screwdrivers. This link will help if it's iPhone 5 as shown in your question picture:

Hope it helps.

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Tried to hard reset several times. Didn't work.

It didn't turn on. No apple logo or nothing and no sound as well.

No Power at all.

Thanks for your suggestion by the way.

- de

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