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Purpose of LCD Shield Plate

can any one tell me the purpose of this? and do you think if i cut the sides slightly of the metal plate and actually glued it to to back of the LCD screen, woud it do the same thing as it supposed to?

The reason i ask is i have tried to find a replacement and i cant find anywhre in australia!

please every1 get back to me asap

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Don't glue anything to the LCD.

it's a heat shield.

I have done iPad repairs where they've been left out and no damage has taken place (yet)

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Ok i read somewhere its purpose was to reflect the backlight, do you know if this is in anyway true?

Also in your opinion if i was to cut the sides if the shield to make it a little smaller and laid it flat, then reassembled the ipad mini, do you think i would have any issues?

thanks for getting bak to me , i appreciate it :)


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