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El iPhone 5s de Apple fue anunciado el 10 de Septiembre, 2013. La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a los modelos anteriores y requiere destornilladores y herramientas de palanca. Disponible como GSM o CDMA /16, 32, o 64 GB / Plata, Oro, y Gris Espacial.

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My phone is dead

Okay so long story. My phone was in my pocket and i tripped hard and fell, and when i saw my phone next it had a huge dent right beneath the camera on the back side and it wasn't turning on.

I tried hard resetting it (power + home button) but nothing happened. It wasnt charging it wasnt doing anything.

After googling i realised i probably damaged the motherboard. I gave it to some local repair shop and he said the power ICU was damaged and that he would replace it. I think he repaired the broken one. Anyway he told me if i damaged the phone again it would not be repairable. And that i should sell it asap.

The phone was working flawlessly and it had my iCloud and all my data as if nothing happened.

THEN i dropped my phone again. It would notstart again. I gave it to the same guy and he said theres nothing he can do about it now. And that i should replace the logic board.

Anyway so i connected it to my computer and suddenly the apple logo came on for a few seconds and then vanished again. iTunes was detecting it but it gave me an error saying 'restore icloud' or something along those lines. I clicked that option but after the whole process nothing happened. phone was still dead.

I gave it to another repairman and he couldnt fix it either. When i got it back from him itunes wouldnt detect the phone. I have a feeling he further messed up the phone/ stole parts or something...

Currently my phone is dead (it has some weird horizontal greenish tinge in the lcd) But its completely dead. iTunes wont detect it. It wont start.

Do you guys think that if i buy a new bare logic board and replace the old one it could fix the problem? Any other suggestions? I really miss my iPhone so any help will be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks :)

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I do believe the first time they just made a hard reboot on your phone which woke it up. And apparently this time it failed.

Try it anyhow: charge your phone for 30 minutes to make sure it is holding a charge, using a known good cable and charger. During the process, does anything appear on the screen? An empty battery? A charging cable and an empty battery?

If not, mute the iPhone using the side button then press and hold Power Button + Home Button for ~12 seconds then release Home Button but keep pressing Power Button for 2 more seconds. Does the phone restart or anything appear on the screen or does it vibrate?

If it does vibrate (or even if not), but nothing appears on the screen, connect it to a computer. Does iTunes detect that phone?

Try the above. If nothing helps, update us here in order to help you trouble shoot further, and edit your original question to upload a clear picture of the damage/dent.

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I'm sorry for the late reply. But no he definitely changed the hardware. When he repaired my phone the first time he took about 90 dollars, and he messed up the phone pretty bad. He didnt put the screws in the right place and so when i dropped it a second time it seemed to have malfunctioned. I showed it to another repair dude and he checked it for a day and said there was nothing he could do.

It is damaged right below the camera lens and i think this is where the power ICU was?

Also can i get a new empty logic board and then use that?


Itunes was detecting it but it said something like error. I couldnt access any of my data and it was only giving me the option to restore my icloud


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