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Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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ITunes Won't Detect iPhone 6 After Replacing Dock Connector

My iPhone charges when it is connected to an AC adapter, but when I try to connect iTunes it won't recognize it. I tried 2 different computer but it still won't show up. I tried a different iPhone and it recognized it. I think it might be something with the iPhone after i replaced the dock connector. Everything on the iPhone works perfect, except it won't connect to iTunes

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Cheap and/or defective parts out there are a dime a dozen. Bad parts will also slip through from reputable sellers.

Your best bet at this point is to order a replacement dock or contact your seller for a replacement, and try it out.

If it doesn't fix it, we can try to trouble shoot further.

By the way, why did you have to replace it in the first place? What's the history of this phone?

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I had to replace the dock connector because it had a bad earphone jack. I'm gonna try the old dock connector to see if that fixes some problems.


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