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A 15.4" Windows XP laptop released by Dell in 2006

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My computer will not turn on!

I bought I brand new charger about 2 years ago it seems like it still works because the light turns on when I plug my charger in but it will not charge. There is no light on the laptop indicating that it is charging. so I am not sure if I need to buy a new battery or what. I dont have the money to drop it off and have someone fix it for $$$$. I just need to know what I need to do! please help. It wont turn on at all!! I have so many pictures and videos on this!

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I wouldn't worry about the data yet, chances are it is the power adapter from the sounds of it.

Most computer repair shops will plug it up for free because if it is bad, you will probably buy the replacement from them.

Most computers operate without a battery, if plugged up. So the battery probably isn't the main issue.

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