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Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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Can't restore after changing home button

Hello, i have replaced screen and home button with new ones. because touch ID was not functioning and screen was with defects. after replacing it, it was still not working (touch ID) I tried to restore iPhone, but during the restoration I'm getting every time error (53). someone told me that it is because of replaced home button. please can you help me with this issue, i really don't want to throw my iPhone 6 64gb away.

thank you


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Unfortunately Error 53 is not a correctable issue. It is probably related to the replacement of the Home Button on the iPhone 6/6+; however, there is not accepted solution to the problem. If you saved the old Home Button assembly, you could try reassembling it back onto the new display assembly to see if that resolves your issue.

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