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What is wrong with my touchscreen?

I had a cracked screen for a while on my phone, but the touchscreen was working fine. I ordered a new screen for my phone but it ended up not working, so I put the old cracked screen back on until the new-new screen came in to replace it. Now, this was my 1st time doing this type of repair on my phone, and once I put my old cracked screen back on, the touchscreen got really buggy. It'll work fine for a while but then it'll start ghost clicking all over the place and won't respond to where my finger clicks. If I locked then unlocked my phone it would usually stop and I could continue. I thought, it's fine, I'll just have it be like this until my new screen comes in. Once I replaced it the 2nd time, it was running smoothly at first, but after a few days, the problem returned, and now it's starting to get progressively worse. Locking/unlocking it doesn't seem to do the trick anymore.

I read online about maybe finger oils getting in the connector and I cleaned it several times. Also heard about letting my phone die and then restarting to see if it was an electrical problem, also didn't work. There's also the option of the connector on the logic board being messed up, but I opened it up and the connector looked fine, none of the little metal pegs were bent or missing or anything. So I was just wondering what could be wrong with it. Is it a problem with the logic board, will I need to replace that? I know the problem most likely arose with my 1st attempt at trying to replace my screen which wasn't the cleanest. I just wanted a confirmation from someone that it's most likely the logic-board that needs to be replaced because the problem is happening no matter which screen is connected.

Thanks for any help/advice.

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Sounds like a bad LCD, if you can get your hands on a known working LCD, maybe from another phone or a friends to lend, then you can confirm if you have damaged the logic board or not.

Clean the connectors on the logic board with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush, besides getting rid of any oils and dirt, it also evaporates extremely quickly.

If the screen you know that works on another iPhone doesn't work on yours and does the same ghost touching, then it is the logic board.

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ever find out what was wrong?

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Try This.

Don't push too hard the screen in the phone after replacement.

Work for me.

Didn't Work for a Lot of Time .

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