There are so many things we could do if we only knew how. This area aims to catalog most specialized skills necessary to perform certain kinds of repairs.

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Tools required in Tablet & Mobile Repair Center


I am planning to open a Mobile and Tablet repair Center, What are the tools sets and Kits i need to buy.



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I have actually found the tools sold on this site to work best for me.

I admit, most of my work is Laptop or computer, but there is nothing I turn away from my bench if I can get the part and they can meet the price.

Things I would suggest, but not limited too.

-Ifixit pro toolset

-Antistatic mat

-Antistatic bags

-Magnetic tray

-Some small non-plastic containers

-Rubber bands (No reason, but they come in handy, and are easy to organize if bought in a ball)

This is not a complete list (I am not in front of my bench), but this will get a lot done.

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