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How to add speed and memory?

How do I add speed and memory for my laptop? I want to know how far I can go and which I should start with (being cost effective).. Thanks!

8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

2.9 GHz Intel Core i7

2 memory slots, each of which accepts

a 1600 MHz DDR3 memory module.

I obviously cut and pasted the first 3 facts above. (newbie to internal apple technology)

my hard drive has 750 gb of storage capacity


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You add speed by changing out slow hard drive for an SSD, not adding RAM to a machine that already has 8 GB of RAM.

RAM works like this. You have a certain amount of space on your desk. Adding more RAM gives you a bigger desk, which is useful when doing many things at once, but if you are not doing many things at once, you will see no speed increase.

Your hard drive works like this. EVERY PROGRAM must deal with your hard drive whenever it starts, so EVERY PROGRAM, regardless of how little you are doing, will be affected by the speed of the storage medium.

Adding RAM with a mechanical hard drive is like giving garfield more workspace. He's still a lazy fat @%^ cat, give him all the space in the world, he will just go to sleep and eat lasagna. Adding an SSD with less RAM is like going from garfield the cat to a real hard worker like Howard Schultz. Even with small desk space, he will work quickly and efficently and get a lot done.

It makes more sense to have a hard worker at a small desk than a lazy @%^ in a large office. So, by all means, upgrade to SSD before touching the RAM. I go through this every day with people asking for RAM, I do it, I ask if they notice it, and msot say no. A few feel like they need to say yes so they feel like they actually got what they paid for, and I will tell them at this point "you don't owe us any money yet; would you like to try something else?" I put my SSD with a blank install of mavericks on it in the machine, everything loads instantly, and they ask how much for that... always.

So if you have some old POS hard drive that reads at 69 megabytes per second with terrible latency, it will be slower than an SSD that finds data in nanoseconds with 500 megabyte per second read speed.

RAM is slight difference only when you are doing a lot. SSD is a huge difference anytime your computer is on and doing anything.

It's obvious that if you are to put money into anything, it should be the drive. Look at the specs of the components in any modern computer. You have interfaces that pipe gigabytes per second, memory that can move 10 gigabytes per second, and this is all being slowed down by one piece of $@$* component that is stuck at 0.06 GB per second.. why? Dump the mechanical drive and you will not recognize your laptop!! A piece of junk that is limited to reading and writing at 0.06 GB per second has NO PLACE inside a machine where every other component can move data back and forth at ten GIGABYTES PER SECOND!

Even modern SSDs barely scratch the surface of what computers from TEN YEARS AGO are capable of doing with read/write speeds of only 0.5 GB per second. The first desktop I built myself in 2005 had memory bandwidth of 3.2 GIGABYTES per second; a modern mainstream SSD in 2015 is stuck at 0.5 GB per second. So the RAM in my ten year old machine was six times faster than the speed of my storage SSD I bought a month ago, just to give you an idea of how behind the times the storage technology in your laptop is. An SSD is just barely acceptable, but a hard drive? They belong in archival storage systems, not used for storing software and applications we are actually working and using in realtime.

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