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How to stick anti-static cushion on hard drive?

Hi All,

I'm trying to replace hard disk in my late 2009 (bought it early 2010) Mac Mini. While I could get to the point of removing the old drive, the residual adhesive is not good enough to stick the anti-static cushion on the new drive. What should I do? Can I use any regular white glue or hot gun clue for this purpose? Would double-sided tapes work too?

Thanks for answering.



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Hi Pavan, definitely double sided tape is preferred. The thermal tapes are also recommended but those are mostly used on boards. Also, lots of topics listed here if you were interested. Hope this is helpful!

Good luck!


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Hold that thought! The foam is conductive and the adhesive it was stuck onto was as well. The function of the foam is to reduce EMI noise as well as dissipate static charge buildup so it must connect to metal to be useful. You might find a electronics supply house which might have the needed foam or offer conductive adhesive to reattach the old foam.

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Rick, thanks for answering that. Dan, thanks for your comments. I thought so and thats why I thought its prudent to ask that question. But the cushion that was stuck on the harddisk is not really a foam. Its hollow (sorry, don't know if I can attach pics here). I can possibly hold it using a tape still ensuring both sides get proper metal contact.

But if I have to buy an adhesive, can I simply ask for it in electronics supply shop? Is there a name for it?



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To post an image go into edit of your question and there you'll see on the far right of the formatting ribbon a picture icon clic it and follow the instructions to upload your picture. Then place your curser where you want to past and reopen again. double click on the picture to paste the link inside your text.

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