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Quinta generacion de iPhone. La reparación de este dispositivo es fácil y requiere destornilladores, herramientas de hacer palanca, y paciencia. GSM/CDMA /16, 32, o 64 GB / Negro o Blanco.

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New battery life iPhone 4s

I replaced the battery on Friday and than let it charge overnight. Saturday morning I unplugged it and just let it sit the whole day. It was down to 20% 16 hours later. I charged it again to an indicated 100% and now 24 hours later without any use, it's down to 38%.

Is this normal for a new battery? Will it get better with more use? Or is there something else I need to know?

Thanks, Mark

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You could have a defective battery or it could also be the dock connector. Check it for debris or corrosion.

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I have found that the majority of replacement batteries that are availabe are garbage, and it's a complete lottery on purchasing reliable ones.

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