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Lanzado el 23 de octubre de 2012. Procesador Core i5 o Core i7. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Dual hard drive data doubler


I have a Mac Mini i5 late 2012. I bought from OWC their drive doubler.

I have a question when I disassembled the mini once the drive doubler arrived to remove the original hard disk (500 GB). I could not and realized that the HDD is already using the SATA Port. Instead I need fasten to the the SSD port, suddenly rubber pellets do not serve me.

If I place the SSD instead of HDD how then install the HDD? The SATA connectors are identical! I do not understand!?

Thank you


Yes thank you a lot !

I managed it was just that I put over my HD SSD upside and perfect.

Just I do install again Yosémite because don't work perfectly the SSD place in the mini 2012 i5 comes from mini 2009 core2duo.

And the HD in the mini 2009 come from mini 2012.

In the 2009 I do command option P+R to start because don't start.

I make an usb key with Dismaker for make a clean install

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This system has only two locations to hold drives.

So you'll need to decide if you want two Hard Drives or, one Hard Drive and one SSD.

As to mounting you will need to use the rubber grommet (rubber pellets) fitted into the frame as outlined in the instructions in Step 26 here: Installing Mac Mini Late 2012 Dual Hard Drive Kit. Place the new drive into the frame or if you system already has a drive placed here you'll need to place the new drive in the other location as seen in Step 18.

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Yes thank you.

It's just the original Hd is already fixed with the rubber pellets ?

I install my SSD instead of hd! but when I put the hd above the SSD that is not fixed?

I still rubber pellets and there are two free holes yet I can fix it ?



Review this IFIXIT guide on how the lower bay drive is mounted: Mac Mini Late 2012 Hard Drive Replacement. While not visible in the guide the two screws mounted on the drive are fitted into holes in the frame should have the rubber grommets already fitted. If not, this is where the ones you have go.


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