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after repair phone won't charge

Replaced the front screen we ordered from you and the phone will not charge? Can you help us trouble shoot?

JoAnne Kramer

Naples FL

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Does the phone actually light up/vibrate/recognized in iTunes? I've had some screens refuse to work with some phones and work on others


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Hello Joanne, first thing I would recommend is making sure all cables inside the phones are plugged properly. A cable that was not plugged correclty could cause this issue. Also make sure you are used a known-working A/C Adapter and Lightning Cable.

I'm including with this reply a picture of the cable you should check first, if after all of this you haven't found the issue, the problem is certainly not coming from the screen itself and you may have damaged a part of your iphone while doing the repair. Ex; if you didn't unplug the battery while removing the screen and replacing it, etc.

Take a deep look inside the phone and keep us updated.

Try providing us a picture of the inside of the phone as well if you can.

Kind regards,


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