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Repair guides and support for Nobis Android tablets manufactured by Bidwell Technologies, Inc.

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What to do about my google play not working?

I keep getting the message: Unfortunately, the process has stopped. Also, Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped.

Please tell me how to fix this.

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I need help my Nobis tablet keep saying google play has stopped how do i fix this?

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how do I fix my google

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My Nobis tablet 9 inch says Google Play has stopped working how do I fix this

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I have solved this issue in the past using these steps that google provides:

Go to the Settings menu for your device.

Navigate to Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Google Play Store.

Tap the Clear Cache button.

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Error gapps appears as "the process has stopped" or "google.process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly". Gapps stands for Google Apps. This error occurs when the app is not connected to servers, you have timed our or is not in sync.

For the appropriate solution Ask for Help

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