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Is my logic board fried?

Hi, I am fairly new to water damage repairs. So my sisters iPhone was washed through the washing machine. She divides to turn it on and said the phone worked for about 2 minutes, then blacked out. I then did the basic cleaning using isopropyl alcohol and a brush. There is still no sign of power. I also replaced the battery. The only thing is that when I try to turn the phone on, it just heats up by the top part of the board. I also haven't removed the emi shields yet. Is my logic board fried and is there anyway to fix it?

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Nooman Muhammad , if you " I also haven't removed the emi shields yet." then you have not cleaned it yet. Since it heats up, it means that that there is a short somewhere. Remove all the shields, clean it properly, replace the battery check the logic board carefully for missing or damaged looking components.

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Well done for cleaning with iso..great start. The heat isn't a good sign, it may well be just the lcd has shorted hence no sign of life. I've had good results either soaking the board in iso overnight or using ultrasonic bath. Do what OT03 says..clean again, let it dry and see what happens.see if the vibrate switch works or if the pc recognizes the phone, then you will know it's display problem


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I have a problem with my iPhone 6s Plus won’t turn on at all tried a hard reset it I didn’t come on had to the phone a Portable charger when it went off can someone help with this

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