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Samsung Plasma won't turn on!

I have a Samsung 51" Plasma ps bn64-01939a-00 and last night as I was watching Netflix the TV would randomly turn off and a few seconds later turn back on again. This was towards the end of the episode I was watching so I went to bed and then almost 24 hours later sat down to watch another episode and the TV would not turn on at all. No clicking, no indicator lights of any kind, no nothing. I heard of some issues with Samsung relating to a capacitor or something? My tv was bought Black Friday of 2012. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated as I am out of warranty and don't want to have to buy a brand new TV!

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I just repaired a Samsung LCD tv today. It would not power on or make a click noise when trying to turn it on. After removing the back panel and inspecting the parts I noticed two capacitors were swollen. They were located on the power supply board. I unsolder the two and replace them with two similar capacitors with a slightly higher voltage rating. After I soldered the 2 new capacitors in place and reassembled everything the TV powers on fine and works great again. I too had read that Samsung was having issues with some of the capacitors. So you should definitely look at your capacitors to see if there's any swelling or ones that are leaking. If so then replacing them will likely fix your issue as well.

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