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7.9 inch display iPad Mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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water damaged ipad won't turns on

i have a ipad mini which is water damaged,it does not turns on, i have opened it and cleaned it with isopropyle alcohol removing its emi sheilds, but it still don't turns on,there is no signs of corrossion due to water.

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If you have not done so you should try replacing the battery. With water damage usually the first thing to fail is the battery. Even if the battery did power on the iPad it still may be a hazard and it's a good idea to replace it.

You are on the right track by cleaning with isopropyl alcohol to remove any corrosion. You may want to also check the components on the logic board for any type of visible damage, such as burn marks from shorting and so on.

If the logic board and other parts of the iPad appear free of corrosion and undamaged then a new battery may be able to get the iPad to power on.

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ok i will try that, i have noticed that when i connect charger to it and measures voltages in battery connector, there are small voltages like 0.100 v or so, is it like that or it should give some other voltages


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