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Teac TV won't turn on

Teac LED digital TV won't turn on even when switched on and off at wall, back of TV or usin remote. Checked batteries and connection all fine. The red indicator light is on but won't "catch" when the on button is pressed.

It started doing this a month or two ago but weirdly if I kept trying (on/ off at wall or on back of TV and pressing the on button on remote) it would eventually "catch" and then on - but delayed - 5 or 10 minutes after I tried. The red light would flick a bit and then go green and turn on. Now it has stopped doing this at all

Should I buy a new TV or is this easy enough to fix?

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I have been having EXACTLY the same problem for many months. I disconnect the TV from the wall and wait a few seconds to plug it back in.. then turn it on at the wall socket.. hit the power button on the remote.. the green light comes on, but the screen fails to "power up / boot up". I do this most days a few times, but some days, it turns on immediately.. It looks like it might be not getting enough power to start or something.. I also hate the way it turns off automatically if i leave my computer playing music.. It knows when i am not sitting in front of it.. and it shuts down after about 30 minutes or so.. regardless of the "sleep timer", which i have set to 5 HOURS.

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My tv freezes at logo, looked through all of these, then got in contact and the girl told me that there is nothing wrong with the tv, that she could just push a button and make my tv work, i asked her too ,she said she can't and I have to pay for them to push the button so nothing wrong with our TV's they just asking for more money... talked to her 45 minutes ago...

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There is nothing wrong with our TV's, mine freezes at logo, I went in and the girl told me that she could just push one button and make my tv work, i asked her too and she said she can't that I have to pay for them to do it, funny 1 month after I paid off my 75" and it just freezes, anyone up for a joint law suit ...

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I am in for joint law suit...

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If your television is not turning on or showing any signs of life, see the Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 Will Not Turn On problem page for possible causes and solutions.

I actually had the back off mine and didn't think to look.

Is there a 6V DC button battery in there, similar to a PC?

It occurred to me that the battery might be flat - they eventually go flat in a PC.

I reassembled the TV and tested it on the bench. It worked...

But failed again when I connected the antenna back where the TV usually sits.

Otherwise, I am up for a new TV in the morning. :)

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I will give this a go when i get some time, probably next weekend, or whenever it decides to keep me trying for too long.. yes, i thought of the CMOS battery in a PC, but did not think there was such a battery in a tv..

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