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Can't access system storage

I recently bought a motherboard from with a paired optical drive. Fixed my problem of not getting any video but now it's saying it can't access system storage. I have all the screws on there made sure all the connections were connected.

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In order to prevent piracy, each hard drive used by a PS4 is crypted. The key is linked to the motherboard. So if you change your motherboard or your hard drive, you will have to format your drive to use it.

Install the new hard drive

Download the update. Place the PS4UPDATE.PUP on a USB key in ://PS4/UPDATE (download here official

Plug the USB key

Touch the power button for at least 7 seconds.

Select [Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)]

Sorry you lost your saves.

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i've tried taking HDD of ^s4 out and then back in but still the same ifo. cannot acces HDD press powerbutton 1 sec to turn system down.

i've tried with usb with the update dus same screen

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